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At Fiesta Crafts we are passionate about designing and making toys that children will love to play with time and time again. Across our diverse range of 250+ products, you will discover toys to thoroughly engage children with ‘proper’ play and help them learn and develop skills along the way.


About our Toys

Many of our toys have been designed to be educational and encourage learning, even from a very early age. Our range of baby and early years toys, including our selection of animal-themed baby toys, not only encourage interaction between parent and child, they are great for teething and a softer alternative to the traditional teething ring. What’s more, incredibly engaging and entertaining travel friendly toys, and enjoyable and educational games.

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Our traditional Jingly Jungle Bowling sets with bowls and pins are great fun activities. Jingly Jungle soft animal bowling skittles and a bowling ball come in a great storage bag to keep everything needed for this bowling toy game in one place ready for next time.

Wobbly garden will quite literally provide hours of fun and laughter as your children battle to keep all of the wooden insects and flowers balanced on the wobbly board, while Royal Wooden Skittles are a robust, sturdy and fun way to play skittles for only children who have outgrown Jingly Jungle Bowling.

Sort n Shake is a multi-sensory toy which combines matching, sorting and stacking with sounds and numbers. Children can shake each block to hear a different sound and match images on the blocks together.

Crafty kids will love our arts and crafts-themed wood craft sets – Build a Firing Cannon, a Firing Catapult and Build a Wooden Tank craft sets. These children’s craft sets both encourage children to tackle craft projects in a fun, challenging and satisfying way. Once completed, they can spend hours creating their own action-packed adventures with their new build a tank craft set or build a firing cannon or catapult toy taking the starring role.

When it comes to educational activities, kids have been known to switch off, but not anymore thanks to our Magnetic Activities packs of kids activities to learn. Designed to offer help at home or at school, the range of Educational Activities children’s games to play and learn help children learn words, numeracy, literacy and spelling through maths games and spelling activities. They will help children to learn to spell English words (which will help with spelling tests) and literacy. Even included are special phonics sets. Maths sets include Fractions, Times Tables, and Tell the Time.

Our range of children’s pencils, pens and sharpeners is great for children of all ages. Toy pens, novelty pencils, pencil sharpeners, memo and photo holders and fridge magnets only make practical activities fun, they also encourage imaginative role play.

Magnetic colour-in play scenes are great for kids who love to draw and indulge in some imaginative play. These sets feature magnetic, colour-in pieces which can be placed on the themed boards for children to play with over and over again. Colour-in comic books open your child’s eyes to storytelling in a fun and fully interactive way. Children can colour in the book, the character pieces and write out the speech bubbles, telling their version of classic stories once the colouring in complete. And when it comes to teaching children about the calendar (days, dates, months) and weather, magnetic calendars are a great and fun starting point.

Football fans will find the magnetic football table right up in the premier league – it’s a great way to track games and football results for top teams like Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham, Chelsea and all Championship teams.

With the magnetic money board, children are presented with an easy to use, visual aid designed to help develop their basic numeracy skills through literacy games and activities. Children use the magnetic money to work out how much to pay, how to pay the correct amount, how much change is needed if they pay more than the exact amount, and they can do it over again until they get it right by simply moving the money around on the board.

The Tell the Time magnetic clock introduces children to telling the time, while Fish ‘N’ Spell puts a fun spin on learning to spell, turning it into more of a game than an educational activity. And when children need encouragement to do as they’re asked, or rewarding when they’ve done something well, the wall-mountable Star Charts help mum and dad choose the targets and children monitor their progress.

When children reach the age when their imaginations are ready to really run wild, our puppets and theatres are ideal. Nothing sparks a child’s imagination more than a puppet. Our bright, playful and friendly puppets will provide hours of fun for children and their families. This set of puppets are great for individual play and group play, improving confidence, role-playing and communication skills. Children will be able to develop their speech and language abilities as well as their imaginations! With such an extensive selection of hand puppets and puppet show props, kids can create their very own theatre stage shows (with puppets, puppetry and even the odd sock puppet) for audiences to enjoy. Couple this with the double-sided theatre and shop or the doorway theatre and puppet play really will go wild. If a theatre isn’t practical, then the selection of themed Hand and Finger Puppet Sets and Finger Puppets still provide hours of fun putting the marionette at centre stage without being part of a traditional theatre company!

Our wall hangings for nursery, playroom or classroom are made from soft textiles and are designed to recognise, reward and encourage our children to learn and do well. ‘My Calendar’ helps teach them about the days of the month and the months of the year, and also comes in a bilingual English-French version. It’s easy to see why these are loved by children and teachers alike. We also offer an exciting range of chalkboards – each in a delightful design with a splash of colour – perfect for memos and drawings.

Our Stickabouts sets make great travel entertainment and allow children to let their imaginations run wild and enjoy hours of fun with the new Stickabouts range. Designed to encourage creativity, each set comes complete with a themed play scene to set the scene and glue-free, character stickers that they can use to create their own stories on the scenes or placed on smooth surface around the house. Best of all for parents, you won’t have the hassle of trying to remove residue that you get with conventional stickers. Being glue free makes them a perfect travel toy too, and the stickers can be wiped with water and reused as many times as your children like. Stick them to the bath, fridge, floor, doors, bedroom furniture, or anywhere else with a smooth surface, then quickly and conveniently remove them leaving no residue. Completely reusable, Stickabouts are long lasting and provide endless play opportunities for younger children who enjoy storytelling or just decorating. Note that the play board is not waterproof.

For walking, for crawling – our Push and Roll Alongs are a perfect developmental toy! Colourful, sturdy and beautifully crafted, the Push N Roll Along toys are designed to be the perfect play toy for small children supporting and encouraging them as they develop from sitting to crawling to walking. It comes with a detachable wooden rod that inserts easily into the back of the toy. The Push N Roll toy can be rolled (sitting or crawling) or pushed (walking) via the wooden rod with an easy-to-grip ball shaped handle. This 2-in-1 toy with its moving parts and sounds will keep little ones greatly entertained and they will enjoy the clacking sound of the wheels as the fun spiral painted wheels roll around the floor, they can even spin the rolling eyes for even more fun. The bright colours and attention to detail are sure to make this toy a much-loved addition to any toy collection while helping younger children to improve fine and gross motor skills as well as becoming familiar with new sounds, shapes and animals.

The new range of Cush N Case toys is soft, loveable and, as parents will gladly discover, extremely practical. It's a cosy animal cushion that comes with a cute little cuddly toy that also is a travel case. Whether just playing with, using as a booster seat, sleeping on or taking on adventures inside and outside the home. Fabulous for travel, with zippered storage for those little bits and bobs that children simply 'must' take with them, kids can also cuddle up to the very comfy Cush N Case and sleep on it during those long car and plane journeys. It even makes a handy little booster cushion for that little bit of extra height at the table. The super soft cushions are designed in a range of friendly animal faces, featuring ears and beautifully sewn whiskers, noses and eyes. They come complete with a matching character soft toy so that children have a new friend to match their cushion and play with on their travels. It also means that not only is the Cush N Case handy and practical, it also transforms into a fun toy that can be accessed on the go, wherever your little ones are.

No activity is better placed to help develop fine motor skills than threading, a task that not only helps to improve concentration, but hand-eye coordination too. Teaching children to carefully thread laces through the correct holes to finish off a picture, or combining various pieces to make their own weird and wonderful creations is not only fun but educational too. Getting them to figure out how to follow the correct line to complete the right picture will also encourage them to see tasks through from beginning to end, while the bright colours and shapes will also help to develop their foundation years learning.

When it comes to learning to count, and improving coordination and memory skills, making it fun and engaging can really help a child to develop more quickly and with a greater level of confidence. The Fish and Count game with 'Magical' sticky rods has been designed to do just that – it’s a game with an educational message at its heart that will have children learning to count while immersed in the world of play. Players use fishing rods to fish ducks out of a pond, adding numbers on yellow ducks and subtracting numbers on green ones in order to be the first one to reach their target number. A truly fun and interactive way to encourage counting and numerical development. To make it much more fun and exciting, there’s peril in this adding adventure – crocodiles are lurking in the waters and will do all they can to stop players reaching the end. Get caught and you’re back to the start! With varying levels of difficulty, this game is great for children who are new to counting or looking to improve on what they’ve already learnt. 'Magical' glue-free pads mean there’s no glue and no residue, while a simple wipe with a damp cloth will restore stickiness when needed. Fish N Count race comes complete with fabric playing pond, lily pad game board, 2 counting boards, 2 wooden fishing rods with ‘magical’ glue-free sticky pick-up pads, 36 counting ducks and crocodiles, a target ring, 4 games marker stars, 2 playing tokens and an instruction sheet.

Fish N Spell is an exciting speed fishing game for two players that promotes literacy and co-ordination skills. Learning to spell in 4 languages has never been so much fun! Made from real wood and fabric, Fish N Spell is a colourful and action-packed game which requires skill, speed and a steady hand! Pick one of the 100 word cards and then use your magnetic rod to fish frantically in a mad dash to be the first to ‘catch’ the correct letters and spell the word. All the Fish N Spell game cards are printed in English, Spanish, Italian and French, providing additional educational appeal and a fun way for children to learn simple French words, an important factor with languages being part of the Key Stage 2 Curriculum. With three different ways to play, Fish N Spell offers long-lasting value and continues Fiesta Crafts’ great tradition of learning through play.

Everyone loves a fairy-tale, and this brand new fairy tale rag doll will certainly have children everywhere retelling the classic tale with the main character taking centre stage. This fun, colourful and extremely well made rag doll will bring hours of pleasure to children while encouraging creative storytelling and role play with friends, siblings or individually. This hand-made doll has been created with a huge amount of attention to detail. From the woollen hair right down to the shoes, clothing and accessories, it’s been made with soft, colourful and tactile fabrics to give a really plush feel, great for cuddles as well as playtime. It can sit up on its own – perfect for little tea parties or joining in at the dinner table. Its long, dangly legs will make storytelling more fun and the doll itself more durable. The doll is quite substantial in size, and with a smiling, warm and friendly face, it’s certain to be a firm favourite which will last an entire childhood.

Searching for some soothing sounds? From a very early age, nothing soothes a child more than music. This handmade rotating music box plays Brahms lullaby, lasting four minutes each cycle to help send a child to sleep. The bright coloured wooden animals make it a stylish accessory for the nursery too.

Available in a Fairies set or a Dinosaurs set, our Magnet sets offer twenty beautifully crafted chunky magnets that have been designed to help children create their very own wonderland on the fridge or a magnetic board. They even come complete with their very own themed storage box too.

Choo choo! There's nothing children like to say more than 'all aboard', so take their fun and imagination to a whole new level with the beautifully designed Teddies Train. Suitable from age 18m, the Teddies Train set is compatible with other train track sets, and will encourage toddlers to match numbers and colours while helping to develop their counting skills. This handmade toy is wooden and extremely durable, making it a classic which can be passed down from sibling to sibling.

We have an extensive range of baby toys: Squeakaboos and Ringalings. The hugely popular Squeakaboos! soft toy rattles make the perfect toy for babies from birth to a year old. They jingle, crinkle and squeak when squeezed, making them a great interactive first toy for little ones. 
The Squeekaboos! range helps baby to begin learning all about sounds and touch in a tactile way, and through role play with mum and dad, helps encourage interactivity while ensuring lots of smiles, fun and giggles. Young babies love to grasp and chew, exploring new toys, sounds and textures. The ring teether toy is a great way to help them on their journey of discovery and is not only fun to play with but practical too. It combines beautiful soft fabrics in vibrant colours and comes in six fun animal designs. It crinkles when squeezed and features three rings that make a jingly noise, introducing baby to new sounds as well as colours and textures. Its design means it's perfect for small hands and is easy to grip, not to mention soothing for sore gums and emerging teeth thanks to the inclusion of an integrated chewable teething piece. With its stuffed ring and animal head and soft embroidered details, this toy is the perfect accompaniment to the popular Squeakaboo! rattle range. And because it's made of fabric, it's machine washable too. 
The whole range of baby toys are made from vibrant and soft plush fabrics. They will help babies begin to learn all about sounds and touch in a tactile way, and also help baby with coordination and grasp, and can even be a welcomed soother during teething thanks to the soft, washable fabric. We even offer Squeakaboos and Ringalings together in beautifully boxed gift sets!

Our felt stickers are perfect for expressing yourself and come in loads of adorable different animal designs such as ladybirds and kittens. With colourful designs and a fuzzy fabric feel, children will love to touch the different designs! So different to ordinary paper stickers! These felt stickers are ready glued, just peel off the backing sheet and apply. They’re ideal for scrapbooking, decorating diaries, phone cases and much more.