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At Fiesta Crafts we are passionate about designing and making toys that children will love to play with time and time again. Across our diverse range of 250+ products, you will discover toys to thoroughly engage children with ‘proper’ play and help them learn and develop skills along the way.


About our Toys

Many of our toys have been designed to be educational and encourage learning, even from a very early age. Our range of baby and early years toys, including our selection of animal-themed baby toys and baby comforters – available in rabbit, duck, cat and dog - not only encourage interaction between parent and child, they are great for teething and a softer alternative to the traditional teething ring. What’s more, blankies and snuggle baby blankets make great travel toys or toys for the cot or pushchair.

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Our Squeak-a-Puppet animal puppets – available in cat, cow, dog, duck, elephant, giraffe and lion - are another great way to aid interaction, teaching baby about colours, sounds and actions in a fun and interesting way. And because babies love textures and noises, our Squeakaboos hand-held toys squeak, crinkle and jingle, and come in 14 animal choices – pig, dog, cat, duck, cow, monkey, sheep, zebra, rabbit, mouse, penguin, lion, elephant and giraffe. We even have hand puppets and Squakaboos in a fluffy teddybear, duck and chicken ‘Cuddles’ range.

Our Squidgy Cubes soft play activity cubes with teether ring are soft and beautifully detailed. They crinkle and jingle and even clip to baby’s cot or buggy to transform it into a pram or travel toy. The Chime Balls are a similar concept to the Squidgy Cubes but round in shape – ideal for when baby lies on his or her front and rolls the chime ball backwards and forwards to hear the ball make a jingle noise. Mama Duck and Ducklings is a beautiful gift which squeaks, crinkles and jingles.

Our traditional Jungle Bowling and Jingly Jungly Bowling sets with bowls and pins offer a real alternative to Wii bowling. Jingly jangly animal bowling skittles and a bowling ball come in a great storage bag to keep everything needed for this bowling toy game in one place ready for next time.

For older babies and toddlers, the Pull Back Car with noisy driver is the perfect introduction to more mechanical toys. The removable rattle driver makes a jingle noise to add another dimension to this popular toy car.

It’s well known that little girls especially love to skip. Our fun range of skipping ropes have character handles (duck, fairy, pirate, monkey, ladybird and rabbit) making it more exciting to learn and play than traditional wooden handles.

Wobbly garden will quite literally provide hours of fun and laughter as your children battle to keep all of the wooden insects and flowers balanced on the wobbly board, while Royal Wooden Skittles are a robust, sturdy and fun way to play skittles for only children who have outgrown Jingly Jungly Bowling.

Sort n Shake is a multi-sensory toy which combines matching, sorting and stacking with sounds and numbers. Children can shake each block to hear a different sound and match images on the blocks together.

No-one is more creative than an inquisitive toddler, so the selection of themed playhouses has been designed for imaginative tots to enjoy time and time again. Available in four different themes – garage, barn, ark and castle – each playhouse is made up of a brightly coloured, glossy exterior featuring life-like graphics and housing lots of wooden character blocks to tie in with each theme.

Our award-winning ‘Push Along’ range now features 10 different animals – ladybird, penguin, hedgehog, dick, elephant, giraffe, dinosaur, monkey, pink mouse and tiger. These best-selling wheeled animal toys help to aid toddlers taking their very first steps in a fun and engaging way. At the end of each stick is a brightly coloured, glossy animal which moves and makes a clacking sound at the same time, giving baby a something fun to mimic and chase.

To help babies and toddlers learn hand-eye coordination and problem solving, as well as teaching them about shapes, animals and objects, our extensive range of wooden jigsaw puzzles is perfect. Our wooden puzzles for toddlers include jigsaw puzzles, Muddles (chunky puzzles for kids) and are great for parents who want wood toy puzzles which will last for many years.

Crafty kids will love our arts and crafts-themed wood craft sets – Build a Firing Cannon and Build a Wooden Tank craft sets. These children’s craft sets both encourage children to tackle craft projects in a fun, challenging and satisfying way. Once completed, they can spend hours creating their own action-packed adventures with their new build a tank craft set or build a firing cannon toy taking the starring role.

And for more craft ideas and activities for kids to encourage imaginative play, our puppet crafts sets which allow children to make a wood and fabric finger type (available in Party Princess, Dance Stars, Show Jumpers and Holiday Friends) encourage them to experiment with arts and crafts and play with the finished product.

When it comes to educational activities, kids have been known to switch off, but not anymore thanks to our Magnetic Activities packs of kids activities to learn. Designed to offer help at home or at school, the range of Educational Activities children’s games to play and learn help children learn words, numeracy, literacy and spelling through maths games and spelling activities. They will help children to learn to spell English words (which will help with spelling tests) and literacy.

Our range of children’s pencils, pens and sharpeners is great for children of all ages. Toy pens, novelty pencils, pencil sharpeners, memo and photo holders and fridge magnets only make practical activities fun, they also encourage imaginative role play.

Magnetic colour-in play scenes are great for kids who love to draw and indulge in some imaginative play. These sets feature magnetic, colour-in pieces which can be placed on the themed boards for children to play with over and over again. Colour-in comic books open your child’s eyes to storytelling in a fun and fully interactive way. Children can colour in the book, the character pieces and write out the speech bubbles, telling their version of classic stories once the colouring in complete. And when it comes to teaching children about the calendar (days, dates, months) and weather, magnetic calendars are a great and fun starting point.

Magnetic Mosaic has been designed to encourage involvement in arts and crafts. Featuring more than 1400 mosaic tiles and eight starter designs, these craft ideas packs will help children to follow patterns and intricate designs to build a completed mosaic picture.

Football fans will find the magnetic football table right up in the premier league – it’s a great way to track games and football results for top teams like Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham, Chelsea and all Championship teams.

With the new magnetic money board, children are presented with an easy to use, visual aid designed to help develop their basic numeracy skills through literacy games and activities. Children use the magnetic money to work out how much to pay, how to pay the correct amount, how much change is needed if they pay more than the exact amount, and they can do it over again until they get it right by simply moving the money around on the board.

The Tell the Time magnetic clock introduces children to telling the time, while Fish ‘N’ Spell puts a fun spin on learning to spell, turning it into more of a game than an educational activity. And when children need encouragement to do as they’re asked, or rewarding when they’ve done something well, the wall-mountable Star Charts help mum and dad choose the targets and children monitor their progress.

When children reach the age when their imaginations are ready to really run wild, our puppets and theatres are ideal. With such an extensive selection of hand puppets and puppet show props, kids can create their very own theatre stage shows (with puppets, puppetry and even the odd sock puppet) for audiences to enjoy. Couple this with the double-sided theatre and shop or the doorway theatre and puppet play really will go wild. If a theatre isn’t practical, then the selection of themed Hand and Finger Puppet Sets and Finger Puppets still provide hours of fun putting the marionette at centre stage without being part of a traditional theatre company!

Our wall hangings for nursery, playroom or classroom are made from soft textiles and are designed to recognise, reward and encourage our children to learn and do well. ‘My Calendar’ helps teach them about the days of the month and the months of the year, and also comes in a bilingual English-French version. It’s easy to see why these are loved by children and teachers alike.