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Hand Puppet

Much-loved story hand puppet character

Approximate 30cm tall - can move arms and head
Soft fabrics and embroidered face and details.
Retell classic stories and create new ones
Not just for Halloween, this enchantress will cast a magical spell on your sales all year round. Children will demand to have the classic fairy tale baddie to create havoc and then be defeated in their puppet show stories.

The Witch is part of the popular Tellatale® hand puppet range and is beautifully designed using soft, bright fabrics. Tellatale® puppets help children develop their creativity, imagination and communication skills as well as remain a popular alternative to on-screen-entertainment.

The Witch is typical of Fiesta Crafts’ Tellatale hand puppet range:- There are lots of adorable and sellable details which you won’t find on most other puppet ranges. These include her broomstick (of course!), a skull necklace, red and white stripy tights and full length stuffed legs and shoes.

Age: 3-9 (27 x 40 cm)
EAN13: 5034309104805

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