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Wobbly Garden


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Price £21.99  

18 wooden pieces and board

Traditional style toy - loads of fun
Helps children develop coordination and balancing skills
Fun to play with children and adults together - great family game
Steady… steady… don’t tip the board over!

Wobbly Garden from Fiesta Crafts is a bright and enchanting set of 18 hand-painted colourful garden creature pieces and wooden ‘garden’ wobbly board. Taking turns, or playing on their own, children carefully place pieces onto the board without tipping over. But watch out! Don’t be the one who makes the board tip and all the pieces fall. And when it does tip, which it surely will, all the pieces slide and crash as one, sparking smiles and laughter all round.

Wobbly Garden comes in a beautifully decorated, printed gift box – you can even see some of the wooden pieces through the shaped window. It makes this a wonderful present to give and receive.

As their skill develops, the more adventurous children will also try stacking items on top of each other on the board – with an even bigger crash when the pieces fall!

Highly tactile, the 18 chunky wooden garden character pieces are a joy to touch and hold and children will adore playing with them even on their own. The wooden pieces include butterflies, ladybirds, flowers and hilarious goggle-eyed frogs.

Apart from the enormous pleasure children will get from playing with the Wobbly Garden, the game has been designed to help improve children’s fine motor skills and increase general physical awareness of balance.

As with all Fiesta Crafts’ toys, Wobbly Garden has been designed with huge attention to detail to make it long-lasting and packed with play value.

What they said:
Cheshire SEN Tutor:
- Develops Balancing Skills- the game isn’t as easy as it looks and requires children to think about where and how they place each piece in order to make sure they don’t all fall off! Developing balancing skills and learning how to grip and place objects with less pressure. These skills are fundamental for children’s development.
- Develops Fine Motor Skills- picking up the wooden pieces and placing them on the board requires the use of the tiny muscles in the hands and fingers. This develops their fine motor skills. Again, this skill is imperative as fine motor skills are important for learning to write, do up zips, buttons etc.
- Encourages Turns Taking- this game is a great introduction for toddlers into family games and how to take turns (a difficult concept for many little ones!)
- Fun! My kids were in fits of giggles playing this game, it really is good fun.

Age: 2-6 (21 x 20 cm, Pieces: 19)
EAN13: 5034309111698

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