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Jingly Jungle Bowling

Preschool - T-2672

Jingly Jungle Bowling -  




NEW for 2013

These superbly-made jungle animal skittles make a fantastic gift for a toddler as they will love the characters and colours and the great play value. Children enjoy knocking things down and with the noises of the bells inside each skittle, they make it very satisfying.

Great for hand-to-eye co-ordination, counting and fun competitions to see who can knock over the most. Loads of different colours, patterns and features to explore.

What they said:
"Oh no! All fall down!" (laughs) - Boy aged 2

Good Toy Guide experts:
Jingly Jungle Bowling is a brilliantly fun way for toddlers to improve their coordination while also learning to take turns. Our testers just adored the animal characters, with some children ignoring the game altogether, preferring to sit and play with the animals! Other testers did play the game properly, thoroughly enjoying knocking over the pins and getting very excited about winning. Social and emotional skills such as taking turns, winning and losing respectfully, and understanding rules are really key at this age and this bowling set is a lovely opportunity for children to practise these. Itís also a good game for getting little ones active, supporting physical development. Hitting the pins takes a fair bit of coordination, developing fine motor skills.

Age: 1-5 ( Pieces: 7)
EAN13: 5034309112640

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