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Tooth Fairy


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Fiesta's Tooth Fairy hand puppet has just fluttered in to delight children everywhere, and swap their baby teeth for cash! Children will adore to play with the puppet and invent their own fairy tales and adventures along with other hand puppets from the popular Fiesta range. With embroidered eyes, soft and shiny satin fabrics, this beautifully made fairy comes with her own shoulder bag for children to leave a tooth overnight. The bag has a closure to ensure the precious item is not lost. She even comes complete with a little poem card, written by the Tooth Fairy herself to remind the child to swap their tooth and make sure they go to sleep if they want to swap it for a coin! Bag can be removed by cutting a single stitch (adult assistance required!).

Age: 3-9 (28 x 35 cm)
EAN13: 5034309114149

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