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Magnetic Teaching Clock with rotating moveable hands, 58 magnetic pieces and dry-wipe pen.

Children can learn both 12 and 24 hour time format, as well as traditional or digital format

Children can reinforce learning by writing out different times with number/word pieces or with dry-wipe pen on the front of the chart .

Extra activity chart on reverse of chart to draw in times and write out times with pieces.

Makes learning how to tell the time far easier for both children and their parents or teacher, with tips for learning printed on the pack.

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock...children will know what sound a clock makes but telling the time can be tricky to grasp. With this magnetic teaching clock however, learning how to tell the time is far easier for both children and their parents or teacher. The clock teaches both 12 and 24 hour format and comes with a range of activity pieces which children can place on the chart to help them associate certain times with activities in a typical day. It has rotating hands so it’s interactive and lets children move the time and learn as they go. The pack comes complete with 46 magnetic numbers and descriptions so that children can write out the corresponding time. They can count minutes and learn descriptions such as ‘o clock’, quarter past, quarter to and half past. There is an activity board on the reverse to help children practice telling the time over and over using the dry wipe pen that’s included in the pack. This magnetic Tell The Time pack is fun and engaging, encouraging children to learn whether at home or in the classroom.

What they said:
Cheshire SEN Tutor:
- Bright, Bold and Fun! It’s bright colours make it an appealing learning resource for kids.
- Analogue and Digital Clocks -We loved that this resource teaches both analogue and digital.
- Incorporates Child’s Routine - Children can link it to their own routine and times (and even write/draw their own activities!)- giving them more ownership with the task. This also helps children who find routines and structure important.
-Extends Learning - We loved that on the the reverse side are ’empty’ clocks for a child to draw the hands on and practise writing the time. A great way to further develop a child’s understanding of telling the time.

Age: 4+ (18 x 25.5 cm, Pieces: 58)
EAN13: 5034309114200

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