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Preschool - T-2875

ABC Bus -  

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All on board the ABC bus to learn the alphabet in a fun and exciting way! Each letter is associated with a diverse, colourful character whose name begins with the letter. The ABC bus will help children to learn the alphabet and to spell out simple words. Each of the 26 wooden pieces are double sided, with the letter on one side and an adorable character on the other. Children will love these diverse characters who each have their own distinct personality, making the ABC bus perfect for imaginative play and telling stories!

Play Ideas!
Spell out simple words.
Arrange pieces alphabetically outside and inside the bus.
Copy letters from the pieces onto paper.
Arrange pieces letter side up. Say a name and child needs to find the letter for that name. Turn over piece to check correct.
Practice reading and spelling out the children’s names.
Paring - look for matching pieces: colours, clothes, features, accessories, or what they are doing, e.g. playing a sport, have a hobby.
The fun classic - falling ‘dominos’.
Guess The Child - one player secretly chooses a child from the pictures printed on the box. The other player arranges the children standing up, and asks questions about appearance of the chosen child in order to eliminate all the others, e.g. “Is it a boy or girl?”, “Blond hair?”, “Green top?” etc. The pieces that do not fit the answer are pushed over until just the chosen piece remains. You can download a sheet with the pieces here:

Age: 3-6 years (35 x 13 cm, Pieces: 27)
EAN13: 5034309116037

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