It has been discovered that, due to a manufacturing defect, a small percentage of the sticks that holds the eye in place can come loose and release the eye, which can cause a choking hazard to children under 3 years of age, this could lead to serious injury/death. We are therefore voluntarily recalling these products with the batch number shown below. If you have one of these products remove and keep out of reach of children.

Push N Roll 1
Push N Roll 4
Push N Roll 2
Push N Roll 5
Push N Roll 3
Push N Roll 6

Batch Number Affected: 3616 1215

Only this batch number is affected. All other batch numbers are not affected.

How to find the batch number: “The label showing the batch number can be found on the bottom edge of the toy.

Location of batch number on toy
Location of batch number on box

What To Do:

If you have one of the affected products we urge you to contact us immediately, please contact Fiesta Crafts Ltd on:

Tel: 020 8804 0563

And we will be able to advise you how to return the product for a replacement or a refund.

The quality and safety of our products are of the utmost concern to us. We take matters of this nature extremely seriously and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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